The 10 Best Amazon Keyword Research Tools for Sellers in 2021

Do you still remember the days when technology wasn’t as advanced yet? There was a period in time when the best communication tool we had was letters sent via physical mail and delivered by a mailman.

Then telephones and cellphones came, which allowed individuals to connect through calls and text messages. Like a powerful storm, the developments came quicker when people discovered the internet. Now, it isn’t easy to go a day without the internet. Life is made infinitely easier with all the tools we can download from the web.

This exact situation is evident to Amazon sellers through different keyword research tools. Given the importance of keywords on a seller’s success, having the right tool to look for keywords is essential. This article will discuss the ten best Amazon keyword research tools to use in 2021. We will discuss their advantages and how much you need to prepare for a paid account to plan your financial moves. Let’s begin!

WordStream’s Keyword Tool

Wordstream offers different free tools for Google Ads, Facebook, and Amazon to assist advertisers and digital marketers in different platforms. To find related keywords, follow these steps:

  • Paste your product to search for relevant keywords you can use for your listing.
  • Paste the website URL of a competitor company or a famous brand with the same product to check their ranking keywords.
  • Optimize the industry category.
  • Type the location to make the keywords search more refined.
  • Click the search button. You will now have free but limited access to related keywords you can use to optimize your account.

Why choose this tool? WordStream shows the numerical value of search volume, cost-per-click (CPC), competition, search volume, and competition classified on medium, high and low rates.

How much is a paid account? To get unlimited access to keyword research and data, you can subscribe to a paid plan that costs $49 (in USD). For side hustle into a real business type of enterprise to mid-sized businesses, WordStream Advisor is the best. Advisor for Agencies and LOCALoQ Marketing Services are available for bigger enterprises.

Seller App Keyword Tool

Seller App is another one-stop shop for a digital marketing company. This website offers tools that can help business owners with marketing, sales, and operations. Be prepared to log in with your account as this tool does not allow users to search for related keywords without creating an account on their website first.

Why choose this tool? If you are new to Amazon, this is the tool for you as aside from keyword research, these are the services the site offers:

  • Seller App will provide information perfect for Amazon beginners through Amazon Onboarding.
  • If you haven’t thought of what product to sell or which product can give you a higher chance of selling on Amazon, the site has New Product Ideas to help you out.
  • The tool will guide you on Amazon Marketplace selling and product sourcing.
  • All your advertising concerns like optimization, ACoS reduction, and return of investments will be explained to you by the Seller App.

Once registered, you will have access to keywords, long-tail keywords, estimated traffic per keyword, search volume, and CPC. The keywords’ classification to the exact, broad, phrase, and new will assist you in your advertisement optimization.

How much is a paid account? From only $99–199, you can purchase the services above. Seller App offers a 7-day free trial if you want to try the tools first.


AMZ One will show you the keywords your product is ranking for. It also shows insight into which keywords customers are searching for and what’s generating your product listing views. With these details, you can decide which keywords to use to optimize your store and your ads.

Why choose this tool? The following services are included if you subscribe to a paid account: product finders, monitoring negative reviews and sales, super URLs, and protection from listing hijackers.

You can make use of a 14-day free trial to see if it is the tool you are looking for. A one-time trial providing one keyword, one product, one sales monitoring, and one negative review tracking is also available.

How much is a paid account? AMZ One offers four packages that cover different services for a paid account. The four plans range from $15–135, which can be billed to you monthly or annually.


Sonar provides a straightforward solution for your keyword research. When you visit its website, you can immediately type a keyword or ASIN and optimize it depending on the country your target audiences are located. You can look for the keyword, extended keywords, ASIN, or even translate them into different languages.

Sonar also offers other services for Amazon store optimization and Amazon management.

Why choose this tool? This tool is simple. Search for the keywords and download the CSV of all the related keywords you searched for free. The keywords’ ranking is not shown in numbers but in bars—one bar having the least searches and five being the most searched.

How much is a paid account? If you are looking into specific numbers for your monitoring and decision-making, you can sign-up for a free trial. Once you’ve decided to use Sonar, you can invest $99–599 monthly for their different service packages.

Merchant Words

Merchant Words will show these details about your keywords when you sign up for a paid account: search volume, average searches in the last three and twelve months, long-tail keywords, and more! The site describes itself as a virtual assistant that will deliver up to 10,000 keywords in less than three days from their research.

Why choose this tool? Merchant Words’ Keyword Advisor will give you a list of keywords that you can readily use in your store or campaigns. They have derived the keywords from competitor research and Amazon search terms used by actual customers.

How much is a paid account? With the amount ranging from $29–149 per month, you can avail of keyword research, insight on keywords volume, trend, and history, reverse ASIN, and much more. You’ll have to look into the customer experience to see how the tool works if you want to know more about it, as Merchant Words does not offer a free trial.


Many Amazon SEO guides mention this tool repeatedly as Ahrefs is one of the most popular tools used by digital marketers. The reason behind this is that the tool provides extremely comprehensive data for your business.

The site provided different services such as Site Audit directed towards checking the SEO-friendliness of your website and Site Audit to check your competitors’ websites. It also has the rank tracker for monitoring and content explorer to give you an idea of what other content you can produce and improve your linking.

Why choose this tool? Ahrefs provides keywords for Amazon and Google, Youtube, Bing, Yahoo, and other sites. Upon searching, Ahrefs will provide you with graphs and numbers showing keyword difficulty, average monthly search volume, CPC, and volume search per country. The search itself can serve as a keyword performance report. You can also access more in-depth data on SERP history and backlinks through Ahrefs.

How much is a paid account? A trial costs $7, but if you have already decided to use Ahrefs for your digital marketing needs, you’ll have to shell out anywhere from $99–999 in monthly fees for a paid account. Each package offers different levels of site audits, rank tracking, content, keyword exploration, and alerts.

Keyword Tool

Suppose you manage the optimization of a business on Amazon, Google, Youtube, eBay, Bing, Play Store, Instagram, and Twitter. In that case, Keyword Tool will be your best friend.

Why choose this tool? You’ll have several free downloads of CSV files containing keywords, search volume, trend, CPC, and competition.

How much is a paid account? If you want two times more keywords, competitor keywords analysis, and more functions, you can sign-up for a paid account. Charges range from $69 –159 and are billed annually. Keyword Tool features a 30-day money-back guarantee as an assurance to subscribers.

Viral Launch

Viral Launch provides keyword research for your product, competitor keyword research, and elimination of irrelevant keywords that you may classify as negative keywords. If you have already established a listing and want to audit your page, the site offers Listing Analyzer.

Why choose this tool? Viral Launch will provide the following data: priority score, relevancy score, exact search volume, broad search volume, search trend, suggested PPC bid, and dominant categories. Together with the Competitor Intelligence and Listing Analyzer, the data will ensure that your Amazon product listing ranks in no time.

How much is a paid account? Viral Launch offers all-in-one access to all their services if you sign-up for a paid account. Packages range from $69–199 billed monthly (you do get a discount when you pay annually), and you can choose which package fits your business needs best.

Keyword Scout

Keyword Scout produces a list of keywords derived from customer searches, competitor analysis, and keywords ranking organically or through ads. The data it shows to users aside from keyword search volume is the keyword search trend, CPC, and competitor keywords through reverse ASIN.

Why choose this tool? Jungle Scout is one of the most reliable websites when it comes to eCommerce and digital marketing, so you’ll have the brand credibility to begin with. You can monitor the performance of your keywords, especially for your campaigns. When you use this tool, you will not only have access to Keyword Scout but other services for product research, tracking, support, and training.

How much is a paid account? You can enjoy these different features depending on the type of paid package you use. Keyword Scout’s rates go from $29–84 per month when billed annually. As an assurance, users can cancel anytime and make use of the brand’s money-back guarantee.

Keyword Tool Dominator

Youtube, Amazon, Bing, eBay, Etsy, Walmart, and Google are among the sites Keyword Tool Dominator can crawl to provide keywords for users.

Why choose this tool? You can optimize your search to normal, precise, and broad—so the keywords that will appear will be filtered accordingly. You can also choose to search by country and by Amazon category.

You can also immediately input your negative keywords to avoid the hassle of sorting them out after the search. The tool will mark the top ten keywords and rank all keywords in a range of 1–10, with one being the lowest and 10 having the highest rank.

You can conveniently download the keywords in a CSV format file.

How much is a paid account? The attractive feature of Keyword Tool Dominator is its one-time payment method. For $49 or less, you can access all the features of its Amazon Keyword Research Tool.


Undeniably, keyword research is one of the essential steps you need to take in the beginning of your Amazon journey. Maintaining your research is the key to making your Amazon business succeed. There are many tools available online as a seller, but these are the top ten best keyword tools you should try this 2021.

Before deciding which to use and invest on, make a list of your business needs and check which tool satisfies them. Each of these tools provides well-rounded services for keyword research—technology and AI have changed the digital marketing game, and Amazon is no stranger to this. Make the most out of these tools and watch your business soar!