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Here at AIPNews we cover a wide range of topics from the alternative news, fashion, stock market news, and even personal finance. We try hard to stay on top of all the latest news but inevitably fall short of our aspirations. We are always looking for new writers and contributors to help us keep the presses rolling! If you’d like to write for us or contribute a guest post to our website, read our quality guidelines below and what we expect before your submit an article to our editorial team.

Quality Guidelines

We aren’t the New York Times. We aren’t going to reference outdated English Lit sources and critique your every word. However, we do have quality guidelines that all our writers and editors must abide by to retain their goodstanding and ability to have their guest posts considered for publishing. These outlines are as follows:

  • 800+ words
  • Specific topics only (no Top 3 Ways to Do Something)
  • Don’t include spammy links (they will be removed)
  • Don’t write about adult, gambling, pharmaceutical, or otherwise questionable content without prior-approval.
  • No more than 3-5 links allowed and all are subject to editorial approval
  • No images (we handle that)


If you feel that you’re able to follow our quality guidelines there are two ways to submit articles to us. F


There may be a small editorial fee for publishing your content depending on the quality and editing required by our team. If you have a topic that you’re interested in bringing more awareness too, but haven’t quite found the words for, we also offer writing services. Just mention such requirements to our editorial team when you contact them for more details. We also offer sponsored articles (labeled as such) for businesses wishing to promote their products or services to our articles. We offer less Editorial confinement in these articles but the interests of the business will be clearly stated to our readers to avoid any confusions.

Contact Us

We can be contacted via email at info@aipnews.com or through our contact form.